My Fourm(TheRealAccount)

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My Fourm(TheRealAccount)

Post by SilicaArtOnline on Sun 31 May - 21:47

Want to get op on my minecraft server known as Survival Realm

Then make a fourm with this filled out

below king

Minecraft name:SilicaArtOnline(REAL)

Banned from any servers?:Nope

A Pro?:Yes


When did you join?:2010

When are you free?:Anytime Really

How would you help this server?:By protecting it from the hackers and destroying anything wrong! cheers


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Re: My Fourm(TheRealAccount)

Post by (Owner)GlassGolem on Thu 18 Jun - 18:02

I am giving you a chance so yeah i can accept it

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